Memory Care

resident with a nurse

Our memory support neighborhood serves older adults with residential housing in a carefully designed environment that nurtures the individual person while promoting wellness and enrichment opportunities.

Our lifestyle is purposeful, supporting resident independence and choice. Asking people what they aspire to, and supporting those desires. We understand that everyone’s routine is unique. Our lifestyle at Pathways is designed to offer programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows people to be engaged in activities on their schedule, not ours.

Our Memory Care centers are purposefully designed so that people can move freely, engaging in many of the activities the neighborhood provides. Open areas, green space and a meditation room have been specifically placed to support each dimension of wellness and give the perfect backdrop to the Memory Care programming.

Our support goes beyond the individual who calls our Memory Care centers home. We recognize that the complexity of memory loss affects those with the disease and those close to them.

Our approach takes into account that family health and interaction are essential components of whole person wellness. The goal is to alleviate families unease, by offering education and resources on Alzheimer’s / dementia, to pave the path for them to carry on meaningful, pleasant relationships with their loved one.

We invite you to check out the opportunities available at each of our beautiful campuses.

For options at our Browning Masonic Community located in Waterville, Ohio, click here!
browning masonic community

For options at our Springfield Masonic Community located in Springfield, Ohio, click here!
springfield masonic community

For options at our Western Reserve Masonic Community located in Medina, Ohio, click here!
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