The first reference to a Home Day event appeared in the July 1977 Annual Report referring to a special event, “The Ohio Masonic Home Bicentennial Parade and Celebration” held on July 26. Two years later the Grand Master, MWB Daniel F. Iceman, proclaimed an “All Ohio Masonic Home Day” in 1979.

In 1984 the title “Ohio Masonic Home Day” became an annual special event at the Springfield campus. Over the years, Home Day has seen quite a few events. With 2004, Home Day was held at Western Reserve Masonic Community in honor of MWB Steven J. Krekus, who is from the Cleveland area. Two monuments were installed and dedicated to Korean and Vietnam Veterans in 2010, and the following year, 2011, saw the Flags of Honor, an Ohio traveling monument, where a flag was placed on the front lawn for each Ohio soldier who has fallen in the war on terrorism.

Prior to 1977 and Home Day, a variety of special events and visitations were held by varying Masonic organizations to honor the Springfield campus residents. Today, the purpose of Home Day remains the same; an opportunity to visit fraternal brothers and sisters renewing old friendships and creating new ones. Historically a festive occasion, the pilgrimage to the original Masonic campus is one of many gatherings held on all three campuses to keep our Masonic heritage energized and to support our brothers and sisters. Visit and fellowship with your fraternal brothers and discover the past in your future.