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The Ohio Masonic Home has partnered with its residents for more than a century. Today, we are statewide and have added the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center to help people age respectfully how they want and where they want. So whether you wish to move to a retirement community or remain at home, we are here to answer your questions and offer solutions for your retirement living needs.

In this section, you’ll discover more about what the Ohio Masonic Home stands for and its rich history.

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Our Mission

We are the living expression of our Masonic Obligation –
We serve as the trusted partner to help people age respectfully.


In the early 1840s, The Grand Lodge of Ohio discussed plans to establish a Home for the Aged to care for elderly Masons, especially those who had little or no assets. Two early attempts to establish The Home failed. However, in 1888, the Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons (one of a number of appendant organizations connected to Freemasonry), William B. Hillman, led a successful effort to establish the Ohio Masonic Home for the benefit of worthy, distressed Ohio Master Masons, their wives, widows and orphans.

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The cornerstone of The Home’s first building, Bushnell, was laid in 1892 and the first resident was admitted in 1895. Besides services for the elderly, from the late 1890s to 1956, the Springfield campus also served as a Masonic Children’s Home. During that period, more than 750 children were raised alongside residents at The Home. That experience had such an impact on them that they formed an Alumni Association, which meets every two years at the Springfield campus. Since 1895 more than 10,000 elderly Masons, their wives and widows have been served by The Home.

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The Ohio Masonic Home’s
First Building

In 1996, the Ohio Masonic Home opened its doors to the public to partner with the community in providing excellent senior living options with the same care, concern and compassion shown to its Masonic residents. In 1999 and 2001, two northern campuses, in Waterville and Medina respectively, were added to the Ohio Masonic Home family. Today, all three campuses and our Resource Center partner with all residents of Ohio to remain as healthy and independent as possible and to age respectfully.

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